ADB lights Rimini’s reborn Galli Theatre
Tuesday, 18 June 2019
adb-c201The project involved more than 150 ADB lights including Europe C101 and C201 units
Italy - The Galli Theatre in Rimini, a historic venue on the Romagna Riviera, has now reopened 75 years after it was hit during bombing in December 1943.
The famous theatre, which was inaugurated by Giuseppe Verdi in 1857, came back to life on 28 October 2018. The reopening took place to the sound of the voice of mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli. She performed Cinderella in a semi-staged version, accompanied by the Musiciens du Prince.
The reconstruction and modernization of the mechanical stage equipment and other systems was entrusted to Decima 1948, a leading firm in the field of design, development and implementation of technological solutions for the theatre and show and exhibition venues. Decima 1948 has carried out work on prestigious stages such as the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the Verona Arena, the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania, and the Teatro Regio in Parma.
“Decima is currently involved in work around the world, from Hong Kong to the Middle East," said Enzo Trovato, CEO of the company, "but the Galli project was very important for us. Our decision to propose a lighting system consisting of 100% traditional halogen lights was the result of a careful reflection on the budget and the characteristics of the Galli Theatre itself. ADB was virtually the only possible choice in order to ensure high quality and the required features: they are traditional, but they are also the best!”
The project involved more than 150 ADB lights including Europe C101 and C201 units (the classic 1 and 2kW PCs that made ADB famous), Europe F201 fixtures (i.e. the 2kW Fresnels) and ACP 1000 units (backdrop lights).
Daniele Naldi, a systems consultant for the Rimini local government, explained the choice of lights: “ACP 1000 units are the best traditional lights on the market because they do not burn the filters and they spread their light evenly on the backdrops. This means we can use fewer lights for the same size stage. The same goes for the C101 and C201 PCs and the F 201 Fresnels, which - in my opinion - are really the top of the range; there is no comparison among cheaper competitors.”
Naldi continued, “I've been working in the theatre for 38 years, and I've always been a fan of halogen lights: a 3200 K halogen unit, for example, is always the best choice to illuminate faces because it renders the shades of a human complexion perfectly, so that the real colours can be seen. If I were forced to choose just one light to illuminate a scene, I would definitely choose a traditional one.”
Thanks to its new ADB lights, the Galli Theatre was able to take on its first season. The programme includes concerts, talk shows, dance events, musicals and plenty of opera.
(Jim Evans)

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