GLP solution for Swedish House Mafia reunion
Tuesday, 25 June 2019
glpshmstockholmmay20190929The comeback shows were staged at Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena
Sweden - Despite having worked with Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso in a one-off show in San Francisco, when the time came, Vision Factory production designer, Sam Tozer nevertheless had to pitch for the gig (read full production report in LSi June).
At the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium gig he had gone heavy on GLP’s popular impression X4 20 Bars and equally en-vogue JDC1 hybrid strobes, and that same formula worked for him again at the house legends’ comeback shows at Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena. It quickly became clear that this would be no ordinary EDM experience.
Assisted by LD, Alex Hess, he says: “I already knew the feel of the performance the boys would want to create, so the process became fairly collaborative. Being a comeback show it needed to be stylistic, monologic and be something that no-one had seen before.”
The three artistes, whose performance took place on a ‘floating’ platform, became heavily involved in the entire process as did creative director, Alexander Wessely. “They knew they wanted a giant screen and have lighting based on three circles. Alex [Hess] and I worked side by side to create a new style of lighting rather than a simple EDM look that people were probably expecting.”
The mainstay of the rig was three 7.2m circular four-tonne trusses on Kinesys motor control, with a pipe grid across the circles. Tozer commandeered a matrix of GLP X4 Bar 20s, with no fewer than 82 fixtures pixel mapped on each circle. This formed part of a complement of 140 lighting fixtures and multiple lasers within each circle. “Being on motor control we could reveal them in out and tilt them 90° as well,” states Tozer.
“As for the 60 JDC1s. these were the workhorse for the large blinder and strobe looks,” he confirmed. “We used both the strobe feature and LED plates to add dynamic to the performance; the platform [on which the group performed] was also complemented with another 55 X4 Bar 20s, sunk into the ground.”
All 361 GLP products used on the shows were sourced from Christie Lites as was the rest of the lighting, the rigging and motor control. “We had great support from Dave Stewart and Mark Ravenhill at GLP, as well as Andy Strachan [Christie Lites’ account rep] and his team.
Of the contribution made by the GLP FX, products themselves, Sam Tozer said, “It’s simple - GLP creates products that are designed for a purpose. When choosing my fixtures I think about the look of the light as well as the output and I find GLP matches this every time.”
(Jim Evans)

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