Barbara Schöneberger tours with Alcons Audio
Thursday, 4 July 2019
alcons-tour-barbara-schoneberger-stageBarbara Schöneberger’s latest tour covered 10 dates across Germany
Germany - Barbara Schöneberger released her fourth album, Eine Frau gibt Auskunft in May and has recently presented it with 10 live shows across Germany.
The Event-Net GmbH from Halle (Saale) has been working for the singer since 2008 and has been a technical service provider for all tours and various individual shows. The team headed by managing director Kay Schöttner and technical department manager Mathias ‘Hein’ Schroeter was also responsible for the complete technology, the stage management and part of the tour management on this latest tour.
In 2004 Event-Net was one of the first users in Germany to invest in Alcons Audio. Since then, a stock of Alcons LR14 and LR16 including BF362 subwoofers has been established in Halle and used for past Schöneberger tours.
For the 2019 tour, however, they turned to the larger LR18 pro-ribbon line-array systems, which could easily be rented from Alcons' global rental network in central Germany.
For the main PA, 24 Alcons LR18 were used, LR14 systems covered the side-PA. Alcons RR12 point-source array elements were used as stacking variants for the front-fills and, if required, as main PA for the parquet areas. Depending on the location, the BF362 subs were adapted to local requirements through different modes (endfire / cardioid). All systems were powered and controlled by Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.
"With Alcons, all requirements for different venues as well as different music styles with many moderating elements can and could be fulfilled very well", says Kay Schöttner. "The pro-ribbon drivers from Alcons Audio always guarantee a very good speech intelligibility down to the last rows, even on ranks and balconies, with an extremely homogeneous coverage."
Uwe Biesgen from Creativsound accompanied the Schöneberger tour as a sound engineer and supervised the FoH. The other audio equipment, as well as the sound staff - PA system engineer Hendrik Pfeiffer, monitor technician Henning Dittmann and technical production manager Mathias Schroeter - were provided by Event-Net. Kay Schöttner himself was the tour manager.
(Jim Evans)

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