ShowNET integrated into Laserworld systems
Monday, 8 July 2019
shownetinsidemostlaserworldproductmodelswebThe ShowNET interface is now the mainboard in most Laserworld systems
Europe - The Laserworld Group is integrating the ShowNET interface as the mainboard in most of their laser systems. This means a multitude of new features to those devices, says the company. Not only can they be used for direct laser control via Showeditor or Showcontroller (the new professional laser software) through LAN connection, but they also have an integrated SD card that ILDA frames can be loaded to.
These files can then be triggered via Art-Net, DMX, in stand-alone-operation and in some units even in sound-to-light mode. The possibility of putting self made content to the laser systems adds further intelligence to the devices, which usually are only used to work with either basic, premade content or external “intelligence” through ILDA control software.
Every ShowNET interface comes with the full version of Showeditor for free, so every laser system with integrated ShowNET interface has the free software licence included in delivery. This means that the laser systems with integrated ShowNET can simply be used with laser software by just connecting the laser to the computer with a standard LAN cable.
The integrated ShowNET interfaces have another feature integrated, which allows for ILDA Streaming: with using another, external ShowNET interface, it is possible to transmit a standard, analogue ILDA signal via LAN. The external ShowNET interface then acts as sender (A/D), whereas the integrated ShowNET acts as receiver (D/A). Older USB-type ILDA interfaces or similar can still be used that way with the advantage of longer signal transmission distances.
Even though the laser systems are equipped with this new, powerful mainboard, they can still be used with a standard ILDA signal input if preferred.
These product series are now equipped with the ShowNET interface as mainboard: Laserworld Diode, Laserworld Purelight, tarm, RTI Piko, Nano and Neo.
(Jim Evans)

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