Robe rocks in Budapest with Vad Fruttik
Wednesday, 10 July 2019
robe-vad-fruttik-budapest-park-nmp-14Vad Fruttik headlined in Budapest Park (photo: Marton Nagy)
Hungary - Alt-rock band Vad Fruttik (Wild Fruits) headlined a special concert to celebrate the eighth season opening of Budapest Park, one of the largest outdoor venues in Europe.
Lighting designer Peter Pálocska from Budapest rental company Lajter Light designed a production lighting scheme to ensure the band and their 8,500 fans enjoyed a memorable night out.
Part of his distinctive luminescent styling for this show was a backwall of 72 Robe Spiider LED wash beam fixtures, which added drama and excitement to the visual picture.
Pálocska has also lit many other concerts in Budapest Park - which features a 24m x 12m x 12m (WxDxH) stage - and a landmark gig which any Hungarian band is extremely proud to play.
Vad Fruttik trusted him to produce something special for this show, utilising a combination of the house lighting fixtures (including moving lights from a competitor brand) and gave him a budget for specials which were the grid of Spiiders, a recent purchase by Lajter Light from Robe’s Hungarian distributors AVL Trade.
Rigging in the venue was the biggest challenge, and, to accommodate his Spiider wall, a combination of flown and ground-based trusses were installed to support the gird.
With no onstage video elements, all the emphasis was on lighting for visual effects and the Spiiders effectively created a large-scale low-resolution pixel surface upstage that was completely different in texture and appearance. Not having any conventional video onstage was a refreshing change and also helped focus everyone’s concentration on the band.
(Jim Evans)

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