Elation Proteus Maximus now shipping
Thursday, 11 July 2019
proteus-maximusThe Proteus Maximus: a multi-purpose, IP65-rated luminaire
USA - Elation Professional’s 50,000lm all-purpose luminaire Proteus Maximus is now shipping.
With flexible use as a profile, beam or wash light and all-weather IP65 rating, the Proteus Maximus is suitable for any outdoor or indoor application that would require bright output, powerful beam looks and precise gobos and colours. The dust and waterproof design makes the fixture ideal for theme parks and cruise ships, while its quiet operation, flicker-free functionality and DMX-controllable LED refresh rate will be welcome in TV and other broadcast environments, says the company.
“With Proteus Maximus we managed to create the perfect package for the most challenging environments,” says Elation product manager, Matthias Hinrichs. “From its hotspot engine to its large front lens, this is an outstanding fixture that provides designers the power to cover huge areas and long distances with remarkable output, colour and optical precision. Maximus certainly lives up to its name, truly offering maximum performance and utility out of a single model.”
(Jim Evans)

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