AMG International adds Claypaky Sharpy Plus
Monday, 22 July 2019
amg-claypaky-sharpy-plusAMG International operates out of Rome and Milan
Italy - AMG International has recently purchased 150 Sharpy Plus units, Claypaky's new hybrid lights.
Alex Vinciguerra, general manager of AMG International, reports: “Our initial requirements were to add a high performance light to our range, one which was suitably versatile for our events. In order to choose the equipment which suited our needs best, we carried out a series of comparative tests and asked lighting designers and operators for their opinions. Claypaky's Sharpy Plus was the only one that really had all the features we were looking for, including power, versatility and low weight.”
The Claypaky Sharpy Plus is a fully-fledged hybrid light, with two independent operating modes, weighing only 23kg (50.71lb). In beam mode, its aerial effects stand out thanks to the unit’s extraordinary light output. In spot mode, its light is diffused more evenly allowing you to project wonderfully uniform visual effects.
Alex Vinciguerra adds: “We have always seen Claypaky as the benchmark in our industry. We have a lot of Claypaky models in our stock, including the Scenius Profile, Mythos, Sharpy, Sharpy Wash, and Alpha Wash, Spot and Profile units. We have always appreciated their excellent reliability and versatility of use. When we saw the Sharpy Plus units at work, they immediately struck us as the natural continuation of the top quality choice we have always made. We therefore opted for a notable investment, also because of their very competitive price when considering their excellent top leader performance.”
AMG International has been supplying television studios, theatres and happenings of all kinds with equipment for events and shows since 1965. AMG was founded on the experience of Gino Vinciguerra, and is today has four offices in Rome and Milan, and one of the most complete portfolios of equipment in Italy.
Alex Vinciguerra concludes: “AMG International has worked for the most important television shows in Italy in recent years, including X-Factor, Italia's Got Talent and the David di Donatello Awards. What our company offers its customers today is a turnkey package that provides the production team with an all-round set of services, including the rented equipment, TV studio rigging, hanging units and lighting desks to control the show professionally.
“We have always fitted a large number of Claypaky lights at all these shows, and from today onwards, with the Sharpy Plus units in stock, you can be sure you will see them more and more often on stages at our shows.”
(Jim Evans)

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