DAS Audio returns to Paellas Festival Live
Monday, 29 July 2019
alicanteThe Paellas Festival offers uninterrupted live music, gastronomy and entertainment
Spain - DAS Audio systems returned for the second year to the eighth edition of the Paellas Festival Live 2019 in Alicante. Located at the 200,000sq.m Rabasa Multispace facility near the university, the Paellas Festival offers uninterrupted live music, gastronomy and entertainment from 10am to 9pm to a 30,000-strong audience.
Oxigen Sonido e Iluminación was in charge of the installation of the systems in the venue. A main system of 28 Aero-40A was enhanced with 12 Aero-20A for out-fill, eight Aero-40A for front-fill, 24 Aero-40A for delay and 16 UX-221A subwoofers.
The audio challenges faced in this edition were different from last year´s since the festival has shifted from being a multi-stage event to focusing on a single stage. On this occasion, the objective was to achieve uniform coverage and high intelligibility all over the audience areas, as well as delivering pressure and sound quality throughout.
To ensure these requirements were met, the systems were adjusted and optimised with DASaim for controlled SPL and directivity. DASaim also allowed the design of FIR filters for each cabinet of the arrays enabling optimal control of the of the Aero-40A and Aero-20A systems. Additionally, the acoustic prediction software EASEFocus 3 and DASnet v1.70 was used to optimise the design with DASaim.
The producers of the event, Babalú, and rental company Oxigen, which provided the sound equipment, opted for DAS Audio systems to rock the festival. Jorge Henderson, Oxigen's technical director, comments: "We work with DAS Audio for all types of installations and events. We trust them and have a very good relationship with all the team.”
(Jim Evans)

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