Audio Stage extends NEXT-proaudio inventory
Tuesday, 6 August 2019
audio-stage-teamThe Audio Stage team
Portugal - Audio Stage has made a major investment in speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers from the Portuguese manufacturer NEXT-proaudio. The new equipment further expands the company’s extensive inventory of audio gear.
NEXT-proaudio reports that this is one of the largest sales in the manufacturer’s history, comprising 32 LA212x, 28 LA122A, 16 LA122.v2, 38 LAs418G, 12 LAs118A, eight LAs418A, four N-RAK 80, two N-RAK 40, 16 LAm114xA, 12 LAm115, four PXL118, two PXH64, two PXA8001, eight PFA15, eight Matrix M8, eight Kubix K5, two HFA118sHP, two HFA112, two HFA112s and two HFA206p.
“This purchase enable us to bring the very best audio support to the large variety of shows we manage. This top-of-the-line equipment opens new opportunities for us, from small to big events”, says Audio Stage’s founder Paulo Baixinho, “Our collaboration with NEXT-proaudio goes back to 2011 when we started. We have started with a mere 4x4 Line Array System at that time, but thanks to the big support we had from NEXT-proaudio we grew from 16 boxes to 200 boxes in only eight years of activity.”
Audio Stage is a leading company in Portugal that offers a number of services including sound reinforcement, lighting, video, rigging and structure.
“Audio Stage has a long history with us. They needed to boost their production capabilities for a wider range of clients and events and this was the perfect time to do it. NEXT-proaudio product development philosophy is very much in line with the type of work Audio Stage does,” says NEXT-proaudio’s manager Andre Correia. “We help Audio Stage to achieve what they need on site for their customers. As a versatile events company they need a quality product with neutral voicing that’s easy to put up and take down.”
(Jim Evans)

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