Lucenti debuts the Blackwave Collection
Tuesday, 6 August 2019
tml-v01-295The LED bars are design ed for use in a range of applications
Belgium - Lucenti has introduced their latest additions to their portfolio, the Blackwave Collection. It consists of LED bars with a 20mm pitch and comes in two lengths, a 100cm LED bar with 50 pixels called the BW100 as well as a 50cm LED bar with 25 pixels, the BW50. Both are powered and controlled by the designated PixlDrive1.
These bars unleash “a whole universe of creative possibilities, any pixel can be fully controlled in any shape at any given time”. Their lightweight but robust engineering done in Belgium, is the result of light technicians, rental companies and light designers giving their extended feedback from real-life experiences, says the company.
The in-house developed Pixel bus data system by Lucenti, ensures fluent RGBW colour mixing with smooth dimming and synchronization between each pixel and driver. Combined with interchangeable filters it allows for strong vibrant saturated colors all the way to pastel tints. With 50 powerful pixels per meter, these bars give “unparalleled output even during bright daylight without the need for smoke”.
Given that the BW100 and the BW50 are designed to be used in demanding environments like stages, festival decoration, club interiors and on the move with rental companies, Lucenti opted for a double chambered lightweight metal housing, providing enough strength to interlock multiple bars and resulting in an IP66 rating.
The Blackwave tubes come standard with a stealth black filter, with options including transparent clear flat, frosted flat, frosted tube and frosted square covers available to maximize the versatility of the LED bars.
The dedicated PixelDrive1 can control a mix of bars summing up to a maximum of 400 pixels, given 8 BW100, 16 BW50 bars or a combination to the maximum pixel count. The total cable length on 1 controller unit is 120m, with a maximum of 40m from the PixlDrive1 to the first bar and a maximum of 10m between individual bars.
(Jim Evans)

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