PLASA 2019: TiMax unleashes new advances
Tuesday, 13 August 2019
timax-plasa-2019-aida-szeged-hungaryTiMax SoundHub and TrackerD4 for AIDA in Szeged Hungary
UK - The PLASA Show 2019 will see major upgrades to Out Board’s TiMax immersive audio and show control systems, released in 2019 and currently in use on many major productions worldwide.
The new HARDCore FPGA DSP engine for the TiMax Soundhub 3D spatial audio platform adds extended delay-matrix memory and ultra-smooth dynamic delay-morphing algorithms to create totally transparent real-time localisation. HARDCore expands sound designers’ capability to achieve superior panoramic spatial mix reinforcement and immersive 3D soundscapes. HARDCore has also paved the way for a next-generation interactive spatial reverb resource within TiMax.
All-new TiMax TrackerD4 Precision Stagetracking is billed as affordable, dependable and portable, addressing a current price/performance gap in the market with enhanced levels of speed and precision at a range of cost levels offering serious ROI potential across a wide range of applications. With the TiMax vocal-localisation processes now controlled and monitored entirely within the TiMax SoundHub’s PanSpace GUI via OSC, the responsiveness of the new D4 also opens up the reality of cost-effective lighting and multimedia stage tracking control. As well as OSC, a PosiStageNet interface is being trialled, and TiMax TrackerD4 can now also control other spatial audio processors via OSC.
The versatile new TiMax SoundHub OSC interface allows generic tablet controllers such as TouchOSC and Lemur to be quickly mapped to TiMax spatialisation, system management and show control functions to provide fully customised touchscreen interfaces tailored to individual performance, presentation and experiential applications.
Out Board’s Dave Haydon will also contribute to the PLASA Show seminar programme, where on Monday, 16 September he will pose the question: What’s Immersive? discussing the motives, expectations and realities of immersive spatial audio and show control for live performance, presentation and experiences.
(Jim Evans)

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