Treasure Island goes large with NanoLumens
Friday, 16 August 2019
bar-display-1NanoLumens was contracted to design and deliver an ultra-wide LED videowall
USA - When Treasure Island casino on Las Vegas Strip decided a renovation would include a new sports bar, The Golden Circle, the casino knew it couldn’t be subtle if it wanted to stand out.
To shake things up and create a space for watching the city’s new, popular NHL team the Golden Knights, NanoLumens was contracted to design and deliver an ultra-wide 24ft by 5ft, 1.8mm pixel pitch LED videowall that is now the centrepiece of the all-new sports bar.
According to Shane Snell of National Technology Associates (NTA), the firm that installed the bar’s technology infrastructure, the NanoLumens fine pitch LED display was the best choice for a number of reasons.
“One of the most important factors of any casino technology installation is longevity,” Snell says. “For the most part, owners try to keep infrastructure relevant for as long as possible, only renovating rooms when truly necessary. That’s why NanoLumens’ cutting-edge and patented LED technology was such a great choice here, bringing customers something they can’t get at home, while also ensuring long-term operation with their unrivalled six-year warranty.
“Since casinos are generally open 24/7, it’s also crucial that maintenance can be performed quickly without interrupting daily operations and guest experiences, which NanoLumens nails with its patented front-accessible design.”
Along with more than 20 HDTVs located throughout the bar, the NanoLumens display is used to show sporting events, races, and live TV. The ultra-wide display was divided into three 16:9 sections that can each display a single image or a 2x2 layout, so that up to 12 broadcast streams can be shown at one time, all in 16:9.
“It was important to use one of NanoLumens’ finest pitches, 1.8mm, to deliver HD quality across each windowed section,” Snell explains. “It was the perfect size to enable each window to display 720p content. The displays excellent off-angle viewing was a big need as well, since we wanted it to be visible from as many seats as possible. At this point, I think it’s the nicest display they have on the entire property.”
NTA built an easy-to-use, IP-based backend system using a video wall tiling processor and Crestron 4K 2x2 processors that will be able to keep up with future video standards. NTA also supplemented the space’s existing audio system with DSP amplifiers from BSS and some additional Tannoy speakers and subwoofers.
(Jim Evans)

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