Martin lights Ibiza summit spectacular
Friday, 30 August 2019
martin3A complete Martin by Harman lighting and video system was deployed
Spain - The Shop Ibiza recently deployed a complete Martin by Harman lighting and video system at the island’s Dalt Vila historical site for the International Music Summit’s grand finale show, which featured lighting design by Nick Jevons.
The International Music Summit (IMS) is an annual three-day EDM conference held on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Founded in 2008, the event features industry exhibitions and talks, as well as a spectacular grand finale show featuring performances by world-renowned EDM musicians and DJs.
The grand finale is traditionally held in Ibiza’s historical Dalt Vila, a 2,500-year-old hilltop fortress that rises above the city. The Shop Ibiza has provided production support for IMS since the event’s first year, building increasingly ambitious stage designs each year.
This year, The Shop collaborated with lighting designer Nick Jevons and Spanish Martin distributor SeeSound to create their most spectacular show yet. The Shop deployed Martin by Harman MAC Quantum, Viper and Aura lighting fixtures as well as the new VDO Atomic Dot hybrid lighting fixture to create a dynamic, synchronised display.
“The show was, without doubt, one of the best Dalt Vila events we’ve ever been involved in staging,” says Simeon Friend, managing director of The Shop Ibiza. “The support from Martin was exemplary, and Nick Jevons created a truly stunning spectacle. There were plenty of big names on the stage, but Martin’s awesome new VDO Atomic Dot has to be mentioned for its own stellar performance. IMS couldn’t have been happier and the reaction from the crowd said it all!”
Jevons’ design featured an array of Martin MAC Quantum, Viper and Aura fixtures behind the performers, interspersed with small clusters of Martin VDO Atomic Dot fixtures. The Quantum and Viper fixtures provided dazzling beams, spots and effects, while the Auras provided rich, smooth washes.
The entire lighting rig was synchronised with three large video screens via P3 control, including two screens behind the performers and one long strip downstage in front of the DJ gear.
“It’s always a pleasure working with The Shop,” says Mike Walker, senior sales director at Martin. “Simeon and Jesse are very good at what they do and always deliver - whatever the circumstances or difficulties.”
(Jim Evans)

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