Let It Roll rocks with Robe
Monday, 2 September 2019
robe-let-it-roll-2019-let022124569The Main Stage production lighting design was imagined by Ondrej Bylok (photo: Louise Stickland)
Czech Republic - Let It Roll 2019 attracted some of the most popular drum 'n' bass sounds and artists as 25,000 fans rocked up to enjoy three days and seven stages of DNB mayhem in the atmospheric environment of Milovice Airfield. The former Soviet-era airbase north of Prague in the Czech Republic is tucked away in wooded countryside surrounded by a myriad of winding concealed roads.
The festival has been on the current airfield site for the last five years, growing in popularity and profile and this year Robe moving lights again played a prominent role.
Directing all the Mothership (Main Stage) technical production was Pepa Ženíšek from SMART Production and his team.
Flying high on the Mothership this year were Andy C, Sub Focus X Wilkinson, Chase & Status, Delta Heavy, Pendulum and many more.
The Main Stage production lighting design was imagined by Ondrej Bylok, who has worked on the event for the last 10 years.
This year Ondrej specified nearly 100 Robe fixtures for the Mothership to cover all the lighting needs - a mix of 38 Pointes, 12 MegaPointes, 18 Spiiders, 12 Tarrantulas, 12 CitySkape Xtremes and six BMFL Blades, all supplied by rental company JESA, together with the audio. He programmed and ran the on a grandMA2 light console.
He collaborated closely on evolving the Mothership look with show director and video designer Tomas Nezval and set designer Martin Kana. Let It Roll’s originator Suki, a DJ in his own right is also heavily involved in developing the event’s overall ambience.
The Tarrantulas - Robe’s largest current LED wash beam - were positioned in the Mothership’s engine turbine recesses and the MegaPointes were in a line on the deck where they could have maximum impact in blasting forward and through the crowd.
The CitySkape Xtremes were deployed on the floor where they could illuminate the set architecture and decor, which was also lit from the six BMFL Blades positioned on the FOH structure.
Production suppliers included lasers from Kvant and pyro from Flash Barrandov. Air Works from the Netherlands made the inflatable Mothership head and the rest of the set was built by Czech-based Set Art.
(Jim Evans)

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