Mexico City’s Castelein adds Bose DeltaQ
Monday, 2 September 2019
casteleinpersonnelAymeric Castelein, CEO with audio manager Miguel Angel Enrique Díaz Trujillo
Mexico - Castelein Audiovisual Services of Mexico City has upgraded its audio equipment with the Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ Array system.
Castelein has more than 15 years’ experience in renting audio, video and lighting equipment to corporate events and live shows. The company’s clients range from top event planners, PR and promotion agencies, production companies to AV rental companies; it services small conferences as well as live shows in 1000-seat venues.
The Bose system recently acquired by Castelein includes 16 ShowMatch line array modules, eight SMS118 subwoofers, suspension accessories, and four compatible Powersoft X4 amplifiers. With this ShowMatch DeltaQ system, Castelein can deliver the intelligibility and coverage that the voice of a presenter needs to get a message through, the audio clarity required to enhance the experience from a corporate video, and all of the full-bandwidth power needed for a live concert performance.
Castelein’s relationship with Bose Professional began in 2009 when it first added the L1 portable line array loudspeakers as part of its rental inventory. This experience became one of the aspects that Aymeric Castelein, director of Castelein Audiovisual Services, took into consideration when contemplating the company’s investment in a new ShowMatch system.
“I like to see our suppliers as allies, because we can help each other and grow together. With Bose Professional we have assumed the challenge of positioning the ShowMatch DeltaQ system among different production and rental companies and sound engineers, and we’re working very hard to achieve that goal,” concludes Aymeric Castelein.
(Jim Evans)

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