John Legend plays Greek Theatre with DTS
Tuesday, 10 September 2019
john-legendJohn Legend
Italy - Soul star John Legend performed on 25 July at the Greek Theatre of Taormina, Sicily. It was Legend's only European exhibition, accompanied for the occasion by a 100-piece orchestra.
The event was lit up by186 DTS projectors (Raptor, NRG 1401, Brick, Katana, and Wonder).
“The atmosphere of the Greek Theater of Taormina was beautiful,” said Nicola Mongi, lighting project manager. “DTS projectors, supplied through Madema Italia, integrated well with that unique place; in addition to their brightness and colour quality, the choice of DTS projectors was perfect because they are all very compact and lightweight, the right fit for the stage space – 2300 years old – that is obviously to be treated with the utmost care and does not allow for cumbersome installations.
“I am really happy with the result. The audience and the production were enthusiastic about the show.”
(Jim Evans)

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