Evolve invests in AV Stumpfl AT64-Shift
Wednesday, 11 September 2019
at64-shiftadjustmentTodd Liedahl: "AT64-Shift (...) allows AV professionals to adjust the height of large mobile projection screens in record time"
Austria - The Austrian AV technology manufacturer AV Stumpfl recently announced that its US projection screen and media server distributor Evolve has invested heavily in the AT64-Shift screen system legs.
Orlando, Dallas and Las Vegas-based Evolve distributes and rents out video equipment for the live events industry and also provides industry training programmes. The company is now working to convert its entire inventory over to the AT64-Shift system by the end of the year.
"Our customers know that we are passionate about developing new ideas and products that deliver the best quality possible for their exciting projects around the world," comments AV Stumpfl Inc. MD, Todd Liedahl. "The AT64-Shift is such a truly exciting product that allows AV professionals to adjust the height of large mobile projection screens in record time, without them having to disassemble it first. We are very happy that Evolve saw the potential of this screen system innovation early on and decided to invest. Evolve have a reputation for being highly professional early adopters, so we are confident that their trusting our products will have a very positive impact on how the AT64-Shift will be received in the US in general. "
Evolve’s CEO Tyler Mayne adds: "Like Evolve, AV Stumpfl is a family-owned business that strives to offer quality products and services to its customers. After visiting the AV Stumpfl factory in Austria a few years ago it was clear that this is the type of vendor partnership that we travel the world to find. Evolve is thrilled to be distributing all AV Stumpfl products in general and the AT64-Shift system in particular here in the USA and we look forward to a long partnership with this great family company."
Mayne started out as a technician, which gives him a great appreciation for the daily stress and challenges of creating impeccable shows. With so many variables that can take down a show, the last thing a business owner or technician wants to worry about is the performance of their gear. Evolve takes pride in their partnership with AV Stumpfl, because their gear is rugged, reliable, and user friendly, giving clients one less thing to worry about. “That peace of mind is what I strive to give my clients every day, it’s why our team goes to great lengths to test gear, visit manufacturers, and partner only with the best.” explains Mayne.

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