Prolite colours Jennifer Lopez with Chauvet
Monday, 16 September 2019
jlopezJennifer Lopez played New Alamein
Egypt - Jennifer Lopez played her first-ever Egyptian concert in August in New Alamein as part of her It’s My Party tour to celebrate her 50th birthday.
Lighting for the occasion included 60 Chauvet Professional Rogue R3 Wash fixtures supplied by Prolite.
“Rabih Mokbel, one of the most prominent concert organizers in Egypt, retained Prolite to provide the rig for this event because of our reputation,” said Baher George, general manager of Prolite. “We recommended the Rogue fixtures for this project because of their output and colour and Mr. Mokbel and the LD agreed. Ahmed Aziz did a magnificent job bringing the fixtures into Egypt so we could use them for this show.”
LD Shaheem Litchmore flew the Rogue R3 Wash fixtures on midstage truss, and positioned them on Stage Right and Stage Left truss ladders. From these positions, the fixtures covered the stage with smooth fields of radiant colours. Hitting the stage from different angles, the Rogue lights created a sense of depth and texture that accented the evocative movements of Lopez and her dancers.
Drawing on the 12° to 49° zoom range of the Rogue R3 Wash, Litchmore was able to effect dramatic changes in coverage areas. This allowed him to create close intimate lighting in mellow hues for the star’s more reflective songs, then spread out to create a panorama of light for the bigger and bolder dance numbers.
Along with the flexible Rogue R3 Wash, the hard work of the production crew helped make the lighting a success. “Everyone contributed to the great outcome,” said Baher George. “My partner Maged Fikry, and all of the Prolite team members like Maged Safwat for stage lighting, Hesham Safwat for venue lighting, Mena Makram on the consoles and LED screens, and Ali Saber, head of the technical crew, all deserve a lot of credit.”
When the concert was over, the Jennifer Lopez crew praised the show’s production. “The reaction of the J Lo people was very rewarding to us,” said Baher George. “This was a big event in Egypt, and our crew showed what they’re capable of doing—so did our Rogue lights.”
(Jim Evans|)

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