HELi Showequipment chooses impression
Monday, 16 September 2019
heliHELi is currently expanding its inventory of LED moving lights
Germany - Dry hire specialists, HELi Showequipment GmbH supply technology for events of all types and sizes. The company, based in Bodenheim near Mainz, continually invests in new equipment from leading brand manufacturers, as well as offering full service back-up.
with a three digit quantity of impression S350 Spot and Wash from GLP - and is thus opting for white light solutions of the highest quality.
“While we already have sufficient quantities of the powerful, larger moving lights, it was the smaller, more compact fixtures that interested us,” explained CEO Uwe Heinrich. “The S350 series struck me immediately because it is dHELi is currently expanding its inventory of LED moving lights designed to be very compact, in keeping with the GLP design ethic of having no bulky base. Also, the important electronic shutter capability on both the Spot and Wash is impressive.
“We recently serviced a trade show with over 100 pieces of these devices and did not have a single failure. They are completely reliable. In addition the devices, despite their relatively small size, have a high output. Basically, I see GLP’s S350 series being deployed in all kinds of indoor events, but specifically TV and theatre. And even in clubs and at concerts—be they rock ‘n’ roll or electro—the devices are highly relevant.”
(Jim Evans)

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