PLASA 2019: Ayrton releases Perseo-S and Huracán-X
Tuesday, 24 September 2019
ayrtonAyrton’s Jerad Garza and Ambersphere Solution’s Philip Norfolk with Perseo-S and Huracán-X which received their official launch at PLASA 2019 on the Ambersphere Solutions stand
UK - Ayrton launched two new products and previewed another at a very successful PLASA 2019 along with its exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions. Perseo-S and Huracan-X were the two to receive their official launch and visitors were treated to a first look at Karif-LT, due for release at LDI in November.
Shipping with immediate effect, Perseo-S is a multi-function IP65-rated fixture. Weighing in at just over 38kg and designed for the broadest range of applications, Perseo-S is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its compact size, output and ease of service. Feature rich from the factory (including 100% framing shutters, a wealth of effects and gobo options, a subtractive CMY colour mixing system and further colour options for an infinite palette of vivid pastels and saturated colours), Perseo-S produces 27,000lm (calibrated at 8000K) from its 500W LED source and boasts a 7° to 56° zoom range.
Also shown was Huracán-X, a profile luminaire with a 50,000lm output from its 1000W LED source and a colour mixing system capable of generating 281trillion colours. Other patent-pending innovations include a three-axis animation wheel that can be positioned anywhere in the light path, and bespoke gobo sets which can control depth of field, direction of movement, etc.
Continuing its theme of naming its products after the winds of the world, Ayrton previewed Karif-LT, its new 300W LED hybrid with a 3° - 45° zoom range. Karif-LT marks the first of Ayrton’s new long throw units, and will be released at the LDI show in the US before shipping in early 2020.
The new Ayrton fixtures were presented alongside a timeline of past Ayrton innovations including the industry’s first moving LED spot and the first MagicPanel fixture, as well as current products Bora, Khamsin, Mistral and Levante. “We wanted to illustrate Ayrton’s longevity and the qualities which typify the company, and to show that Ayrton offers not only the broadest range of LED fixtures on the market, but the most advanced and optically efficient in the industry,” says Philip Norfolk of Ambersphere Solutions.
Ayrton CEO Chris Ferrante agrees: “Ayrton has the most complete LED product range, ensuring our customers are, uniquely, able to choose precisely what is right for their project. We have been in the LED game from the very beginning and rather than engineering solutions to challenges which do not actually exist, we have chosen the best LED technology and matched it with unrivalled thermal management. This results not only in the brightest and most optically efficient product on the market but importantly in stability of both output and colour temperature throughout the life of the product. Of course, we are also able to swap between our S and TC engines should a customer wish (and as we have done recently for a major tour). If high utilisation rates, increased ROI and rock-solid reliability are what you are after, then that is what we are all about.”
“The Multi Twenty-one programme assures customers of the long-reaching value of their investment,” confirms Norfolk. “Reliable and readily available, with a clearly laid out roadmap for the future, Ayrton is the one to invest in for pure quality, innovation and uniformity.”
Ayrton supported the Knight of Illumination Awards by sponsoring the award for Drama which was won by Anna Valdez-Hanks for Clique series 2.

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