ADJ LED chosen for Cancun nightspot
Wednesday, 25 September 2019
doble-bDoble B is the latest new venue to enhance Cancun’s vibrant nightlife scene
Mexico - Doble B is the latest nightspot in the Mexican tourist centre of Cancun. Open for lunch and then dinner as a sleek restaurant, after hours the venue transforms into a nightclub with help from more than 40 of ADJ’s professional LED-powered lighting fixtures.
Attracting an up-market clientele looking for a sophisticated evening of dining, drinking and dancing, Doble B is the latest new venue to enhance Cancun’s vibrant nightlife scene. With an elegant interior design anchored by four custom-built chandeliers each featuring a myriad of tungsten-effect pixel-mapped lamps, the space features a large bar on one side and glass doors opening onto a terrace on the other.
The well-established entertainment audio and lighting equipment installer Adimsa, headed up by director general Edson Rivera, was contracted to specify and install a versatile lighting system for the venue. Edson and his team were recommended to the developers of Doble B, Christian and Oscar Rodriguez, by a previous satisfied client. The brief was to design a lighting system that would not detract from the space’s opulent décor during the day, but that would be able to transform it into a vibrant nightclub after dark.
To achieve this goal, Edson selected four different models from ADJ’s extensive catalogue of entertainment lighting fixtures, two moving head wash luminaires and two static wash fixtures. These, combined with the pixel-mapped chandeliers and a considerable quantity of RGB pixel tape hidden in the ceiling alcoves, allow a complete change of atmosphere from when the venue opens as a restaurant in the day and transitions to a lounge bar in the evening. It then facilitates another change after 11pm when the music volume increases and drinking leads to dancing. Integral to the lighting design is ADJ’s Vizi Hex Wash7 moving head fixture.
The Adimsa team installed 12 of the units in the roof of Doble B’s main space, to allow for coverage throughout the whole venue. During the early evening they have been programmed to set the mood through slow-moving wide colour washes, while later on they are used for more energetic moving beam effects to encourage dancing.
“We chose the Vizi Hex Wash7 moving head for this project because of its versatile functions,” explains Edson. “It has a powerful output and not only offers lots of colour choices, including UV, but also has a wide zoom range. This means that the same fixtures can be used to fill large areas of the venue with color in the early evening and to create tight beam effects when the place becomes a club after 11pm.”
In addition, Edson also specified ADJ’s compact yet still powerful Inno Pocket Z4 fixture. In Doble B, the Adimsa team installed 12 of the units in a tight line across the front of the venue’s main space, above the area that serves as a dancefloor after dark.
“The Inno Pocket Z4 is incredibly compact,” enthuses Edson, “but despite its small size it still generates an impressive output and is a versatile fixture with full colour mixing and motorized focus.”
To complement the moving heads, Edson also specified a variety of static washes to illuminate specific key areas throughout Doble B. Twelve of ADJ’s Ultra Hex Bar 12 linear fixtures provide vibrant downlighting, four of which are positioned above a textured wall located at the end of the main bar.
Finally, Edson selected eight of ADJ’s heavy duty IP65-rated 12P HEX IP fixtures to provide colour washing on the outdoor terrace.
(Jim Evans)

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