grandMA3 for university’s Little Theatre
Wednesday, 25 September 2019
leon-rossouwLeon Rossouw, technical manager at The Little Theatre, UNISA
South Africa - The Little Theatre, based at the University of South Africa in Pretoria, has upgraded to a grandMA3 light console as the theatre moves into its dance season, hosting various performances from ballet to contemporary.
“Although our previous console served us well, it was over nine years old,” explains technical manager Leon Rossouw. “We were having issues with updating fixture libraries and the start-up time for the console was time-consuming. Software updates were no longer rolled out as the console had been discontinued a few years back already and some of the hardware was also giving me major hassles.”
In 2010, the Little Theatre decided to focus on promoting theatres in schools and youth groups instead of being a money generating playhouse. While their main clientele consists of private dance studios, schools and drama groups they also host various performing art competitions and Eisteddfods. A number of live acts and production companies use the theatre for music videos, live performances and album launches. Apart from that, the theatre has hosted some of Unisa’s most prolific colloquiums, book launches, seminars, debates and other events.
“As the Little Theatre rarely host shows that run for more than a week, and from time to time even run three separate shows in the same week, there is not much room for things to go wrong or break down,” says Rossouw, who with theatre manager Jan Steyn is the only permanent staff at the venue.
Leon confesses that he was a complete newbie to the MA platform. “Even when I had the opportunity to have an MA in front of me, it was mainly as an operator or doing minor tweaks here and there, it just always worked out that way,” he says. “But the transformation from our previous console to the MA3 was extremely smooth. I would really like to thank Victor Vermaak from DWR Distribution for initially arranging a demonstration and for assisting me with the quotations. He did an awesome job! Thank you also to the incredible technical support I received from Jannie de Jager and Olebogeng Boinamo. It has been a joy dealing with DWR.”
(Jim Evans)

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