Green-GO IP-based intercom for Carabineros HQ
Tuesday, 1 October 2019
green-goGreen-GO's Wall Panel X wall-mount station
Chile - When Chile’s national police force, the Carabineros, needed a new intercom solution for the lecture theatre at its Santiago headquarters - one which would be unaffected by the building’s busy RF environment - the organisation turned to local AV integrator VGL.
The solution - a digital intercom system from Green-GO - would mark a technology milestone as the first IP-based intercom system to be installed in the country.
VGL had recently encountered Dutch manufacturer ELC Lighting and its Green-GO digital intercom system at the Prolight+Sound exhibition in Germany and thought it would provide the answer that the Carabineros were looking for.
“They needed an intercom system with a good quality of sound, which was easy to use and would be scalable in the time,” says VGL’s Daniel Vinagre. “They didn’t want matrix-based or RF technology, as they have many systems tracking RF signals.”
“The first thing we needed to solve was to implement a digital system capable of operating in a stable frequency beyond the RF tracker, otherwise we would have audio drop-outs,” he continues. “he second challenge was to have the whole theatre connected with wall panels and Wi-Fi intercoms.”
Using Green-GO system components, VGL designed a typical theatre intercom setup. Wall panels in the FOH control position provide access for the sound and lighting operators. On stage are another two wall panels, one each side of the stage, plus an MCR12 12-channel 19” rack-mounting station with a gooseneck microphone. The wired system is connected through switch units via standard Ethernet cabling, while four wireless beltpacks connect seamlessly into the system via two Green-GO antennas.
Green-GO IP technology allows the implementation of a full intercoms system without expensive central matrixes and complex, time-consuming programming. “It is a very ‘plug-and-play’ solution,” says Vinagre. “In fact, the customer started to use the system even before it was fully installed - they just grabbed the wireless antennas, connected the beltpacks and they were using the wireless intercoms right out of the box.”
(LSi Online)

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