Modulo Pi launches optical tracking module
Thursday, 3 October 2019
modulopi-kinemotion-trackingmoduleKineMotion - an optical tracking module designed for creative and interactive visual experiences
France - Modulo Pi has released KineMotion, an optical tracking module designed for creative and interactive visual experiences. Available now as an option for the Modulo Kinetic series of media servers, KineMotion has been fully developed by Modulo Pi to provide “unparalleled performance and reliability”.
KineMotion consists in an add-on software designed by Modulo Pi, beacons, as well as a calibration kit made of a wand and a square. Based on KineMotion and OptiTrack tracking cameras, Modulo Kinetic masters the whole calibration process.
Combined with the extensive capabilities of Modulo Kinetic - 3D particles engine, nodal editor, timeline sequencer, KineMotion “unlocks new opportunities for creative and interactive visual experiences such as projection on moving objects, particles drawing and tracking, automatic follow spot, light painting, and more”. Possibilities for tracking and interactivity are increased thanks to Modulo Kinetic’s extensive protocols support for Art-Net, OSC and PosiStage.
KineMotion comes with a user-friendly integrated interface to quickly set up the tracking system. It offers ultra-low latency, as well as high accuracy and precision for realtime video mapping on moving objects. Thanks to embedded fully automatic video-projectors 3D calibration and real-time 3D soft edge, Modulo Kinetic allows seamless projection on an object moving in front of multiple overlapping video-projectors.
Yannick Kohn, founder and CEO of Modulo Pi, explains: “Modulo Kinetic has been thought and designed to be the cornerstone of your show workflow. We believe the all-in-one approach is key to reduce latency, decrease complexity, and deliver unparalleled reliability. With the launch of KineMotion, we keep on pushing the limits of our Modulo Kinetic series which will continue evolving towards ever greater real-time tracking, interactivity, and generative content.”
(Jim Evans)

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