AJR invests in L-Acoustics Syva
Wednesday, 9 October 2019
ajrThe AJR team: JD du Plessis, Jaene Schoeman, Altus van Rensburg, Anré Jacobs and Dewet Carelsen
South Africa - Pretoria-based rental company AJR has decided on the L-Acoustics colinear Syva system to offer high-end quality audio to their corporate events. In doing so, they have become the first in South Africa to purchase Syva.
Owned by Altus van Rensburg, AJR was one of the first in the country to buy into the L-Acoustics X Series with X12 and X8. Contemplating the best way to build on his existing audio system, he came across the Syva at local distributor DWR Distribution and was sold.
“When Syva first came to the country last year, we stood around like excited school boys, listening and wondering what magic was coming out of the boxes,” Altus says. “We hoped that someone would buy the system first because we wanted to hire it from them and try it out. My initial thought was to expand on our ARCS WiFo system. We currently have six X12, six X8, six ARCS WiFo and eight SB18 subs. The Syva presents a solution to deliver the same audio quality with a one over one, and is ideal for a quick set up by a single crew member.”
AJR’s personal and professional approach has enabled them to consistently grow and provide service to longstanding clients and their marketing is solely due to excellent referrals. Altus knew that for larger events, he could hire in extra gear. For the smaller to medium sized events, Syva presented something unique to the market and Altus believed this would be a cost saving to clients and more affordable than flying a full audio system.
“For us quality has no alternative,” Altus explains. “We want to set up a function and know that we are delivering the best possible product we can. Aesthetically the Syva looks elegant and neat and our crew are already receiving positive feedback. We always go back to basics, providing the right tools and the right engineers to do the job.”
(Jim Evans)

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