Newton processes Mariah Carey in Dubai
Tuesday, 29 October 2019
timallisonlucagiannichris-mcaleeseTim Allison, Luca Gianni and Chris McAleese
UAE - Protec recently took delivery of the first Outline Newton in the region. Newton product specialist Middle East Luca Gianni helped to organise a demo in the field during an event in KSA and hosted a complete in-depth training course exclusively dedicated to Protec technicians, to ensure that the new processor’s possibilities were exploited to the utmost and the team was able to make the best possible use of its great processing capacity and versatility.
Tim Allison, head of Protec’s audio department, stated that the Newton processor would be put to use on large-scale events in the UAE and KSA, and continued, “I envisage the Newton as an integral part of all our FOH main processing racks.”
Luca Gianni confirms: “The Protec team is highly qualified and will definitely make the very most of the Newton, thus increasing the company’s in the field and particularly during festivals and large-scale events.”
One such event that gave Protec the opportunity of immediately putting the Newton through its paces was the Mariah Carey concert, held on 20 October at Burj Park - part of the celebrations of the One Year To Go Expo 2020 campaign.
Gianni concludes: “For a product specialist, explaining the technology and features to a team of professionals is always extremely satisfying and this was definitely a truly great start for a long-lasting collaboration with one of the largest production companies in the Middle East.”
(Jim Evans)

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