Starlite invests in Ayrton Khamsin fixtures
Monday, 4 November 2019
ayrton-khamsin-fixtures-starlite-warehouse-webThe Khamsin-S purchase represents Starlite’s first acquisition of Ayrton products
USA - New Jersey-based Starlite has purchased a complement of Ayrton Khamsin-S, Ayrton's latest compact profile fixture. Starlite has one of the largest inventories of AV, lighting and control equipment on the East Coast and services the broadcast, concert touring, corporate, performing arts and educational markets.
The fixture is the first Ayrton product that Starlite has purchased. “ACT Lighting (Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for in North America) demo’d the whole Ayrton line for us, and we evaluated the Khamsins in our shop for our rental inventory and use on our own productions,” comments president and CEO, Dean Danowitz.
“There was a fair amount of debate internally regarding which profile fixture we should invest in next,” notes Jason Danowitz, vice president of event technology. “Ultimately, we chose the Khamsin-S because it checked so many boxes for our touring and staging clients, including an 8:1 zoom (7o to 58o), 40,000-lumen output, CMY colour mixing plus fixed colours, variable CTO, two frosts, two rotating gobo wheels, prisms, an animation wheel, rotatable framing shutters and an iris. In addition, they’re flicker-free, which is essential for our clients with broadcast applications.”
The fixtures were dispatched on a broadcast project as soon as Starlite took delivery of them. “The minute they hit our docks, they were booked for a major televised awards show,” says Starlite’s rental manager, Matt Strickland. “The Khamsins will work for so many applications that they will never be here - which is ultimately my goal.”
Jason Danowitz adds: “The Ayrton brand has a reputation for innovative and well-designed fixtures, and they have amassed a loyal following among designers. Also, we’ve enjoyed great support from ACT Lighting through the years, so we’re happy to embark on this venture with them.”
“We’re looking for the Khamsins to be a true multi-purpose fixture for us across our client base,” concludes Dean Danowitz.
(Jim Evans)

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