Sydney hosts Communicating the Arts
Monday, 11 November 2019
cairnsAGB Events’ recent successes have included the Cairns Festival
Australia - Further evidence of the growing multi-dimensionality of art can be found at the 24th edition of the Communicating the Arts conference which, for the first time, sees participants from the performing arts join those from the visual arts. The theme of this edition is Cultural Leadership.
“An example of great leadership is when in the face of challenges, people can stick to the values of inclusion, rigour, honesty, respect and courage.” This is an example of what the participants will learn from attending as explained by Wesley Enoch, artistic director at Sydney Festival who will also hold the opening keynote.
Taking place at multiple cultural venues in Sydney from 12-14 November, some 250 Australian and international cultural leaders, senior arts professionals and innovators will gather for three days of immersive learning, masterclasses and exhibits - including Anthony Bastic, founder and CEO of Sydney-based creators, AGB Events, who will be talking about his company’s experience in curating and producing major celebrations.
“Our approach is to re-imagine ways to honour art, history, and culture,” explains Bastic, “inspiring audiences with deeply engaging story-telling. Our process begins with extensive research to bring a fresh perspective to our projects, finding our clients’ stories and reinterpreting those narratives visually. We work extensively with renowned artists to craft and deliver creative concepts that resonate deeply and that give their work new dimensions and scope, using digital animation and 3D projection to create content that is impactful and rich in meaning.”
AGB Events’ recent successes have included Vivid Sydney, an annual festival of light, music and ideas; Parrtjima - A Festival in Light, which the company produces on behalf of the Northern Territory Major Events Company; the HALO Sound and Light Show in Townsville, part of the inaugural North Australian Festival of Arts and Strand Ephemera; and the Cairns Festival, where AGB Events acted as creative consultants to the Cairns Regional Council. AGB Events has also undertaken numerous international projects.
“I’m really looking forward to being there,” concludes Bastic. “We rely on being up to date with the latest developments in the arts and in working with cultural organisations, and on understanding how others are helping audiences to celebrate humanity and the joy of life and to enjoy collective cultural experiences. Communicating the Arts is the ideal opportunity to do that.”
(Jim Evans)

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