LDI: Astera previews Wireless PixelBar
Monday, 18 November 2019
asteraThe Titan 8-way case
USA - Wireless LED lighting manufacturer Astera will exhibiting on the stand of its exclusive USA distributor, Inner Circle Distribution, on Booth 1205.
V11, a major upgrade of the flexible AsteraApp, is launched at the show; there will be a preview of the new Wireless PixelBar wall washer to be launched in 2020 and Astera will show its popular Titan Tube range of LED battens – Helios, Titan & Hyperion Tube – together with all their accessories.
Other flagship products will include the AX1 PixelTube, the AX3 LightDrop, the AX5 TriplePAR and the AX10 SpotMax.
The AsteraApp offers quick and intuitive control of complex lighting setups and a range of fully customizable programmes and effects.
New in V11 is Layer Effects. This gives full control over all the pixels in the Astera fixtures which can be used to create fluid, kinetic effects.
This works on rows or ‘bars’ of pixels which can be selected and have various parameters adjusted like the size and position of the bar, which can then be assigned colours and effects.
Another feature of V11 is Optional New Targets: this displays the targets as a list, so users can see the previous effects sent to each target and edit it directly from there, allowing a new and fully optimized workflow. Even parameters like brightness can be changed directly in the Targets list.
The AsteraApp is designed to work seamlessly with other control methods and can be used to set up DMX addresses and CRMX control footprints. Astera’s IR remote can be used to send App commands to single lighting fixtures.
Astera is taking the opportunity of so many lighting, scenic and visual designers and professionals visiting LDI to preview its new Pixel Bar wall washing fixture for the first time in public. This is a linear wall-washer with integral battery pack and several wireless control options. It will be available in two lengths: 50cm / around 20 inches with 54W LED power and 8 pixels and 1m / around 40 inches with 108W LED power and 16 pixels.
Capitalising on the success of the TitanTube, Astera created the double-length Hyperion Tube which measures 2m, offering double the LEDs, double the batteries, brightness and pixels. Hyperion Tubes will be prominent as part of the booth design.
The new Helios tube has all the features and functionality of the TitanTube in a smaller, lighter and more transportable package – a neat and powerful little tube that can be mounted in places where a Titan or a Hyperion Tube might be too long or impractical to rig.
(Jim Evans)

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