Olive Tree Church switches on to DiGiCo
Monday, 18 November 2019
stephen-bagwell-and-nick-barnesStephen Bagwell (Olive Tree Church) and Nicholas Barnes (DWR)
South Africa - Olive Tree Church in Florida Road, Berea, established in 2008, has a vision not to build a big church, but to pastor a big city and they have various branches scattered throughout Durban. The church recently invested in a DiGiCo SD9 with D2 rack and an Orange Box, purchased from DWR Distribution.
Stephen Bagwell, technical director at Olive Tree has been with the church since 2014.
Kyle Robson of DWR recalls “When I started working at DWR Distribution in 2016, we did our first DiGiCo training sessions around the country and Stephen was there. He was so determined that he would one day have a DiGiCo console, and now his dream has become a reality.”
The new gear, consisting of an SD9, D2 rack and Orange Box, was initially sent down to Durban, where DWR’s Nicholas Barnes got the system up and running. It was followed up with training by Kyle. “Olive Tree seats around five hundred people and it’s a very family orientated environment,” Kyle describes. “From what I’ve seen, the band is incredible, and they have some really good musos. Stephen himself is a talented engineer. The DiGiCo system compliments everything the church already has in place and is trying to achieve.”
A former student at Performing Arts Technologies, and having worked in the entertainment industry before joining the church, Stephen could see how lighting, audio and AV played a major role in enhancing the worship experience. “Our worship experiences are honest and authentic, which was one of the things that drew me to Olive Tree,” Stephen notes. “Above all, seeking God’s presence and making declarations of faith have been key elements for us.”
Stephen says that working on the SD9 has been a treat. “DiGiCo’s workflow has become second nature, and the flexibility of the console has really impressed me. I have serious processing power on any input, bus or output, and I no longer have to say, ‘If only I could just…’ My creativity is my limitation.”
Concluded Nicholas Barnes, “It’s wonderful to see an ongoing discussion for the last four years turn into a reality. It’s so positive to see the work Stephen is doing, now that he has the right tools. All the best to him and to the Olive Tree team. Enjoy the new DiGiCo system and keep making good music.”
(Jim Evans)

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