JRLX illuminates Sum 41 tour
Monday, 18 November 2019
jrlxThe Sum 41 tour continues through December 2019 (photo: Micala Austin)
USA - Rock band Sum 41 embarked on their US and Canadian Order In Decline Tour with a JRLX touring lighting package onboard. Lighting designer Nick Stabile of Helm Projects specified a rig of Elation Professional Dartz 360s, ACL BAR 360s, Cuepix WW2 Blinders, and GLP JDC1 Strobes.
Nick Stabile Explains, “Sum 41 has moved past their pop-punk days. Their set is a lot of straightforward rock - quick and heavy songs with slow and beautiful moments peppered in. There is a lot of dynamism in the show, so I needed a lighting rig that was super punchy, yet able to accommodate the more theatrical points in the show.
“The fixtures I selected are small, yet powerful and multifaceted. The Cuepix WW2s have been my go-to for years now for stage blinders. The ACL BAR 360s can give me utter madness on stage for those crazy moments -and pixels. But it is the Dartz 360s that are really the workhorse fixtures for me. The options onboard the Dartz are a must for all of the looks and changes that this show requires and they are an incredibly reliable fixture.”
Jason Reberski, CEO of JRLX notes, “The Elation Dartz 360 has been a great addition to our inventory – It has the intensity to directly compete with (and in some cases even outperform) traditional lamp-source beam fixtures, but with all of the benefits of colour mixing, overlaying prisms, frost, and 360 rotation, and an LED source.”
Nick Continues, “The GLP JDC1s are intense. I use them as colour-blinders, strobes, and pixel fixtures and really get a lot of looks out of them.”
(Jim Evans)

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