Brown Note invests in Elation outdoor units
Monday, 18 November 2019
brown-note-productionsBrown Note immediately sent the new IP-rated lights out on a three-week festival run in Louisville
USA - Brown Note Productions, a full service production company based in Thornton, Colorado, has purchased a large fleet of Elation Professional IP-rated outdoor lighting fixtures and immediately had the gear out on a fall run of music festivals.
“We chose to go with IP rated fixtures to be part of the solution for our industry,” stated Ryan Knutson, president of Brown Note Productions. “With the changing climate and the desire to be outdoors listening and seeing your favourite performers, the stakes in the game have changed. The visual designs now call for non-traditional stage layouts to complement the artists’ performances. These visual platforms require lighting and other production technology to be directly exposed to the elements.”
Knutson says that Brown Note’s historical approach was to bag fixtures with bulky, expensive weather domes but that was not an optimal solution. “With the shrinking labour budgets and build times on these shows, adding in extra gear means more time, more trucks, more crew, more everything. We know that this is not sustainable.”
Brown Note’s acquisition includes Elation’s 50,000-lumen Proteus Maximus, a full featured LED profile framing fixture; Proteus Rayzor 760, a compact IP65-rated LED wash luminaire with SparkLED background illumination system; Protron Eclypse hybrid LED luminaires; and variable white DTW Blinder 700 IP LED blinders. “With this combo of lights we can do most events with an all IP-rated system giving our clients the full show rain or shine,” Knutson stated.
Brown Note immediately sent the new IP-rated lights out on a three-week festival run in Louisville, Kentucky, providing non-stop lighting on three Danny Wimmer Presents festivals, Hometown Rising and Bourbon & Beyond, as well as Louder than Life, one of the biggest rock festivals in the US in 2019.
(Jim Evans)

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