Mavericks enlighten 2019 Worship Tour
Monday, 18 November 2019
worship-tourThe 2019 Worship Tour is running across the USA this fall (photo: Dave Contreras)
USA - Premier Productions’ stellar 2019 Worship Tour is running across the USA this fall. Earlier this year, Seth Jackson was approached by Josh Chambless of Premier Productions to create a unifying design for a tour that would feature three of worship music’s most prominent groups: Casting Crowns, Elevation Worship and Hillsong Worship. Multiple Dove Award nominees all, and in two case Dove and Grammy winners, each band has its own distinct look on stage, created by its own talented production team.
Jackson’s mission was to come up with a design that would pull together each band’s stage persona, while still presenting a smoothly flowing and harmoniously balanced look on stage.
Working with his partner Nate Alves, Jackson met this challenge, creating a sweeping panorama that embraces the visuals of each band, while also projecting a unified image that is unique to the tour. Included in the rig that he used to accomplish this feat are 21 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Spot fixtures supplied by Bandit Lites.
“The MK3s are the workhorse of the rig,” said Jackson. “We are relying on them for illumination one minute, and graphics the next.”
Jackson is also using the high output MK3 Maverick Spot fixtures as follow spots. “It was terribly important to each artist to be able to see and respond to the crowd. Follow spots would be too blinding,” he said. “There was no way, short of just having everything turned on, that we could pull off this show without a legion of follow spots. The course we selected with the MK3s was much preferred.
“Fortunately for me, the design teams involved in this tour are incredibly talented,” said Jackson. “Jarrad Donovan and Steve Pippett from Hillsong were tremendously helpful in providing me with the information I needed to give them as many tools as possible that they could use to create that definitive ‘Hillsong’ look. Darren Hughes and Chris Lighthall from Casting Crowns built this elegant, very stylish show that is a perfect marriage for what Crowns is all about. Things were rounded out by Daniel Connell and Cory Edwards for Elevation Worship. They were the last added to the project, but they built a powerful show that doesn’t overwhelm or get in the way of what is happening onstage.”
(Jim Evans)

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