AV and Beyond invests in L-Acoustics
Monday, 25 November 2019
av-and-beyond-with-l-acoustics-karaAV & Beyond with the newly-purchased Kara system
South Africa - AV and Beyond, a full-service technical events supplier, has recently invested in an L-Acoustics Kara professional sound system, purchased from DWR Distribution.
Over the past six years, the AV and Beyond team has successfully serviced a wide range of corporate and entertainment events for an impressive list of high-profile clients, establishing a reputation for excellence, customer service and creative brilliance in the process.
Company founder and MD, Warren Freidin, explains that AV and Beyond aims to provide clients with comprehensive turn-key technical solutions for their events. The company has built its service offering around the client’s needs and has all of the skills and resources at hand so that clientele can use a single service provider for a seamless eventing experience.
“AV and Beyond is a rapidly growing company and, having come from a smaller ecosystem, we have found in the past that we could leverage our service offering by bringing in additional gear as needed for our events. However, we have reached a point in the company’s growth path where it is increasingly clear that it would be in our interests to invest in more of our own gear to ensure that we are in the best position possible to deliver on projects moving forward,” Warren reports.
Duncan Riley, director of DWR Distribution, adds: “Coming from a production background, Warren and his team bring a refreshing level of creativity to the table and are uniquely positioned to deliver on both the technical and creative side of events for their clients. I have enjoyed watching the company mature and look forward to partnering with them in the years ahead, as I believe that they will continue to take the industry by storm.”
(Jim Evans)

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