Robe returns to the future again at LDI
Tuesday, 26 November 2019
robe-ldi-2019-post-show-ldi222019317The Return to The Future show was produced by Robe’s creative team led by Nathan Wan and Andy Webb (photo: Louise Stickland)
USA - Robe rocked one of its busiest and most dynamic LDI expos to date in Las Vegas, winning two awards, one for Best Creative Use of Light and the other for the T1 product series.
The second instalment of its #ReturnToTheFuture live show created a serious buzz. This show is a performance trilogy highlighting Robe’s latest LED and moving light technologies including the just-launched PLASA award-winning Esprite and the new Tetra2 moving LED batten.
#ReturnToTheFuture part 2 highlighted Robe’s newest products in the context for which they were designed.
The energized 7.5-minute performance played five times a day and had an original DeLorean MMC12 as the set centrepiece, six dancers and around 200 Robe lights - including Esprites, Tetras, T1s, SilverScans, MegaPointes, Spiiders, Tarrantulas, SuperSpikies, LEDBeam150s and PixelPATTs. These were rigged in the roof and all around the sides of the double-decked booth. The spacey fun-filled show included fog and flame jet special effects and a water feature.
Drapes for all areas of the booth which included separate meeting and demo areas were all designed around the #ReturnToTheFuture garage / laboratory theme.
The booth was packed with people right from before the first live show on the first day and it stayed that way throughout the expo, keeping the Robe North America sales team extremely busy making new contacts and reconnecting with existing clients and industry friends.
They were joined on the booth by Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar and sales director Harry von den Stemmen.
Lorienn Cochenour co-CEO of Robe North America comments: “There was a great atmosphere on the booth and I was impressed with the amount of people we saw and the quality of the visitors. I thought the booth layout and the different areas meant we could ensure that people would receive exactly the levels of attention they needed.”
Robe noticed a marked increase in international makeup this year, a lot of visitors from Europe, Asia and the Pan Pacific regions which included several of their key distributors.
“As always, LDI was fantastic for us,” comments Josef. “It was great to be here supporting our North American operation and enjoying the positive vibes and energy of the show, and the T1 series winning a PLSN Award for 'Best Series’ of moving lights was a great honour.”
Harry adds: “Right from kick off, the expo was fantastic. My schedule was already full, everyone turned up and I also met so many others I knew in the aisles and around the booth. The Best LDI for a long time I reckon and great for business.”
The Return to The Future show was produced by Robe’s creative team led by Nathan Wan and Andy Webb working closely with the international exhibition crew and crew from Robe North America.
The ever-relevant concept of time travel was another hit with the public as it had been in PLASA London two months earlier when the trilogy was launched.
Five hundred and twelve lighting cues were programmed on an Avolites Arena console and run to timecode from the soundtrack, utilising 24 DMX universes. An ArKaos Stage Server was used to run video content to the screens around the booth and to map pixels in the Tetra2s, Spiiders, Tarrantulas and mapped video on the reactor.
(Jim Evans)

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