TSL lights Rufus Du Sol at Ally Pally
Wednesday, 11 December 2019
rufusRufus Du Sol at London’s Alexandra Palace
UK – Australian three-piece alt dance group Rufus Du Sol headed to London’s Alexandra Palace for the headline performance of their Solace tour and their biggest UK show to date.
In a statement, the band said: “We wanted to find somewhere big enough to host a night of electronic music with all the bells and whistles.”
TSL Lighting was brought in to make this happen, specifying their latest investments to provide the pizazz befitting of Matthew Smith’s ambitious lighting design and production manager Jonathan Nelson’s requirements.
Senior TSL project manager James Davies oversaw the equipment package creation and delivery, which included 25 of GLP’s award winning JDC1 hybrid strobe and control via the company’s new grandMA3 Light consoles, NPUs, a Luminex networking solution and a full rigging package utilising EXE Hoists.
“TSL has heavily invested in the latest kit this year and this was a great opportunity to ship out some of the most powerful and feature-rich fixtures and consoles to meet the requirements of a headline show,” says Davies. “Matthew Smith’s industrial, striking and clever design perfectly suited both the band’s set and the brutalist architecture of the venue, and our JDC1s were the right tools for the job.”
The JDC1s were rigged behind the large, transparent LED screen which formed the backdrop to the stage set to add depth. Each of the three band members stood on Perspex risers with Martin MAC Quantum Wash fixtures underneath them to create pillars of light that enveloped the performer.
“On the surface, we had a fairly simple design however it required some attention to detail with fixture placement behind the transparent LED wall and under the Perspex risers to get the full effect,” says Smith. “TSL's care and attention to detail made this work exceptionally well with no issues. It was perfect! Everything we specified was supplied along with a fantastic, rock solid network backbone of Luminex equipment.”
(Jim Evans)

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