Robe Roadshow rolls into South Africa
Wednesday, 11 December 2019
harryHarry von den Stemmen (Robe) with MGG’s Denzil Smith, Nardus de Lange, Gunther Muller, Duncan Riley (DWR) and Mark Gaylard (MGG).
South Africa - DWR Distribution hosted a Robe Roadshow during the first week of December.
“It has been a while since a product has made such an impact in our market, and both the Esprite and Tetra2 have blown us away,” said Duncan Riley, managing director of DWR. “While the roadshow - hosted in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg - coincided with the busiest time of the year for many in our industry, we were pleased to demonstrate the fixtures to several key industry players. We were very grateful to those who were able to join us, and for the positive feedback that they gave. A big thank-you to the Roxy Revue Bar at the GrandWest Casino in Cape Town and the Grace Family Church in Durban for hosting us.”
Demonstrations were held on the hour between 10am and 4PM throughout the Roadshow by DWR’s Jannie de Jager and Harry von den Stemmen, international sales director at Robe.
“The enthusiastic response to the new fixtures during the South African Robe Roadshow is in line with what we have experienced on a global scale,” says Harry. “We have just enjoyed what I consider to be the best and most successful LDI ever, as The Tetra2 and Esprite are breaking records. It’s amazing,” he states.
“While many people won’t admit it, LED deteriorates over time, which is something Robe wanted to address,” Harry explains. “We’ve developed the transferable engine for two reasons. Firstly, we wanted to demonstrate our independence as a manufacturer by building the engine in-house. Secondly, the transferable engine enables users to swap out the LED engine, as you would a traditional light bulb. As a result, users can upgrade their light sources at any point in the fixture’s lifecycle, eliminating the need to replace the whole fixture.”
Jannie de Jager was instrumental in giving the audience at the Robe Roadshow a first-hand demonstration of the capabilities of the featured fixtures. “There is nothing gimmicky about the Esprite,” says Jannie. “It does what is supposed to do, and it does it very well!” he points out. “I see the Esprite becoming the solid workhorse of the industry in future, and the fact that you can swap out the engine once you start losing light output places the Esprite in a league of its own,” he concludes.
Commenting on the Tetra2, Jannie says “The Tetra2 is an incredible effects-driven fixture. The high brightness and narrow zoom make them perfect for creating a ‘light curtain.’ The Tetra2 is also fully pixel mappable, which is great for creating pixel effects or running video over them. I am excited to see more of these in the market.”
(Jim Evans)

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