Bandit lights Decade The Halls festive tour
Wednesday, 18 December 2019
Bandit Lites provided the lighting system for the show
USA - Tenth Avenue North, the multiple Dove Award-winning band recently wrapped their fan-favourite Decade The Halls tour this Christmas season, with special guests Plumb and Land of Color. , which explores the last 100 years of popular music with the costumes, set and lighting reflecting the styles of music Bandit Lites provided the lighting system for the show ranging from Christmas pageants to candlelight services.
“The big directive for the tour design is it needed to contain looks that reminded audience of every decade of the music they’re hearing,” explains lighting designer Mike Marcario. “Combined with logistical directives to keep the system simple enough to be set, teched, ran and struck by a one-man lighting crew, while also living within a lower than usual weight restriction due to transportation, I believe we landed on a production design that accomplishes all of it.”
Bandit Lites supplied GLP X4S, Elation CuePix WW2 Blinders, Chauvet Rogue RH1 Hybrids, Chauvet Nexus 4x1 fixtures and Mega-lite Circa Scoop LEDs, a fixture that Marcario shared doubles as the workhorse and time machine of the lighting.
“Starting the night only using the warm LED in the centre, similar to a large old incandescent bulb, then adding the RGB colour mixing and pixel mapping element as we get to the decades where that technology emerged allows me to easily paint looks from each of those decades,” he says.
“As the tour takes place mostly in churches and theatres, the lighting system has to stand on its own without any support overhead from the venue,” explains Marcario. “This is why I chose to use hybrid and wash fixtures - both the Elation Smarty Hybrid and GLP X4S can and do cover a lot of ground.”
“I always welcome the opportunity to work with Mike Marcario and the Tenth Avenue North production team of Davi Lema (board operator) and Jed Faessler (production manager),” says Bandit Lites business development officer, Brent Barrett. “They are an extreme pleasure to work with when on site at our Venue One rehearsal facility.”
(Jim Evans)

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