DWR completes first Astera sale in South Africa
Tuesday, 7 January 2020
astera-just-light-it-sa-marlene-riley-and-andre-beumerMarlene Riley from DWR’s sales team with Just Light It’s Andre Beumer
South Africa - DWR’s first sale of Astera Titan Tubes in the country was to freelance gaffer Andre Beumer from Just Light It in Pretoria, who works extensively with several leading DoPs and other clients in the film, TV, commercials and video industry.
No sooner had DWR and Astera struck the distribution deal, Andre was on Duncan Riley’s doorstep, and in fact the eight-way Titan Tube kit was DWR’s original demo kit, which he purchased on the day it arrived in their warehouse in Johannesburg!
Duncan commented: “I always knew Astera was going to be popular, but even I was taken aback by Andre’s enthusiasm. He rocked up, virtually snatched them from us, transferred the money and disappeared in a cloud of dust up the road,” he says laughing. “I think he was straight out on a shoot that day using them.”
“They are totally amazing tools,” confirms Andre who appreciates the incredible versatility. He adds that he’s impressed with the way Astera has thought of every possible permutation that someone might use to mount and rig the tubes - including hand-holding with the ‘light sabre’ handle.
“You can really work fast on any site with these, utilising a number of smart features like telling the source how long to operate and other extremely helpful things.”
(Jim Evans)

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