Alcons showcases LR24 system at NAMM
Thursday, 9 January 2020
alcons-audio-packshot-namm-2020Alcons Audio will launch new line array and loudspeaker technologies
USA - California’s Anaheim Convention Centre Arena will see Alcons Audio launch new line array and loudspeaker technologies at the NAMM 2020 tradeshow. Each show day will give live audio professionals the opportunity to hear the difference that Alcons’ pro-ribbon technology makes to the audience experience, including the first chance to hear the power and clarity of the new LR24/90 mid-size line-array system.
Hosted in collaboration with Live Sound International magazine, the showcases will see Alcons demonstrate the LR24/90 during the ‘compact systems’ portion of the event’s demonstrations. In addition, the ‘portable system’ demos will showcase Alcons’ extremely popular LR7/90 micro line-array.
“As arguably the world’s leading trade show for the music industry, we welcome this exciting new chance to demonstrate Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems to key decision-makers in the live audio industry, including rental and installation companies in the performance, theater and venue markets,” says Alcons North American sales manager, David Rahn.
NAMM marks the first outing worldwide for the complete LR24 system.
“The NAMM launch is an indication of the importance of the US live sound market and underlines our focus on expanding our presence in the North American continent,” David adds.
Immediately after the NAMM show, Alcons Audio will be hosting a special What You Mix Is What You Get event where a full system of LR24 and BC543 can be test driven at a Hollywood location. Dates are 20 and 21 January. For more details and reservations, contact the Alcons US team at
(Jim Evans)

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