ISE: CAST Group unveils broadcast solutions
Friday, 31 January 2020
castCAST Group will offer an interactive and informative new demo
The Netherlands - CAST Group will offer an interactive and informative new demo, including the launch of a new augmented reality product designed for broadcast.
The daily demos presented by CAST Group will showcase various BlackTrax applications for live entertainment and broadcast. These include lighting, media and virtual lighting, spatial audio, interactive games, talent-tracking and augmented reality powered by CONVRG, BlackTrax’s broadcast-control environment, and Helios, a new camera-tracking beacon. Mounted directly on the camera, Helios tracks and provides a synchronised data stream to broadcast systems and media servers, enabling real-time virtual and augmented reality graphics in any production.
For ISE 2020, CAST has joined forces with partners for a live entertainment show designed by MEPTIK, as well as a broadcast & XR demo programmed and supported by White Light.
Integrations at ISE will feature technologies from various partners, including Luminex for lighting applications, interactive media supported by disguise and Notch, virtual lighting by disguise and Panasonic, and Spatial Audio with SPAT Revolution and Adamson Systems.
For the broadcast and XR demo, BlackTrax and CONVRG will be powering the new Panasonic 8K ROI camera, capable of simultaneously streaming four HD crops from one 8K footage source. disguise and Notch will be running XR content for the SmartStage demo in conjunction with White Light.
(Jim Evans)

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