MGG enjoys hectic year-end with Robe
Monday, 3 February 2020
robe-mgg-seasonA re-scaled version of the AIG show will be staged at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town in March (photo: Anriette Van Wyk - Kief Kreativ)
South Africa - Johannesburg-based MGG enjoyed a hectic end-of-year season supplying several large and high profile shows and events with technical production packages.
The projects ranged from large outdoor festival stages to parties to corporate events and awards shows, explained MGG’s general manager, Denzil Smith. Robe products were utilised for all of these.
December started with the end of a two-week run of Afrikaans is Groot (AIG) shows staged at the Sun International Time Square Sun Arena in Pretoria - for which MGG is also the house technical services provider.
Lighting was designed by Joshua Cutts of Visual Frontier and MGG supplied all technical elements - lighting, video, audio plus rigging and staging for organisers Coleske Artists. It was their eighth consecutive year of involvement with this state-of-the-art performance spectacle.
Joshua had over 650 Robe moving lights in the rig. His Robes included MegaPointes, Pointes, Spiiders, Squares, Spikies, LEDWash 600s and 1200s, LEDBeam 100s and 150s and a range of BMFLs, all combined in another show-stopping design.
A re-scaled version of this AIG show - to fit the venue - will be staged at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town in March.
Block Party was a New Year’s Eve rave and dance event with a line-up of some of South Africa’s finest DJs and music producers, also staged at Sun International’s Time Square Sun Arena in Pretoria, showing its adaptability as a performance space.
Lighting was designed by Werner van Wyk, who utilised the full in-house lighting rig, which is substantially Robe orientated. He supplemented this with some additional Robe moving lights to ensure it was a memorable occasion for the 8,500 revellers in there celebrating the rollover of the decade.
The Robe count of 94 lights was a mix of BMFL Blades and WashBeams, Spiiders, Pointes, LEDWash 1200s and LEDBeam 100s, all running from a grandMA2 light console.
To celebrate New Year on the Western Cape in the Garden Route harbour town of Mossel Bay, MGG supplied lighting for the day Afrikaans festival Afrikaans is Groot Sommerfees, also promoted by Coleske Artists.
Lighting was designed by Jacques Pretorius and included Robe MegaPointes, LEDWash 600s and 1200s along with some Robe PATT 2013s.
(Jim Evans)

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