Ventola Projects lights Cambridge Tenpin
Thursday, 6 February 2020
receptionThe Ventola team completed the project in three weeks using their energy-efficient VAvR lighting system
UK - Having recently completed a lighting contract at Cheshire Oaks Tenpin, Leicester-based provider of specialist electrical LED lighting installations Ventola Projects has gone on to apply their lighting skills to another popular leisure venue, this time in Cambridgeshire.
Cambridge Tenpin is an entertainment hub with bowling lanes, karaoke pods, pool tables and a cafe. Lighting is one of the most important elements in creating the right atmosphere and level of excitement for visitors to the facility.
The venue’s owners wanted a multi-functional LED system which incorporated the highest quality white light and a multitude of vibrant colours. Ease of control was high on their wish list too, as they needed to be able to manage the whole system in one action from a central PC, whilst also having the capability to control specific areas separately and remotely via an app or alternative on-site PC.
The Ventola team completed the project in just three weeks using their energy-efficient VAvR lighting system. With a combination of VAvR Linear Optics, CS16 Downlights, CS4 Downlights and VAvR Pixel Tape the overall effect was just exactly what Cambridge Tenpin wanted in creating the environment for fun. The fact that the carefully chosen system is also low maintenance and low energy means that both the running costs and the environmental impact will be low too, a welcomed bonus for the facility owners.
Mick Ventola, founder and managing director of Ventola Projects, comments: “While we’ve got a great reputation in the entertainment sector, every one of these projects is different and has its own characteristics. The biggest challenge at Cambridge Tenpin was choosing the right products for the different areas as each needed to have their own specific mood. As always, the team worked hard. We loved working on this facility, and we’re delighted with the final result.”
(Jim Evans)

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