Alex Mofa Gang play on with Chauvet
Thursday, 13 February 2020
alex-mofa-gangBacking up the band’s music was an intense Gabriel Paul designed lightshow
Germany - Berlin rockers punk rockers Alex Mofa Gang recently completed a 15 leg German tour in support of their latest LP Ende Offen.
Backing up the band’s music was an intense Gabriel Paul designed lightshow that featured a collection of 22 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by PM Group.
Working and touring together with the Alex Mofa Gang band members, Paul developed a staunchly defiant lighting concept, that focused virtually all of its energy on backlighting the quintet on stage. Illuminating the band from this angle, without the reassurance of front light and top light, evoked an arresting sense of uncertainty.
Key to helping Paul accomplish this were the four Rogue R2 Wash and two Rogue R1 Wash fixtures in his rig. “The Rogue R1 and R2 Wash fixtures were instrumental in creating the overall look and feel of the band's visual concept," said Paul. "I was able to use the zoom feature to create almost beam-like effects from behind the band, which gave visual presence and purpose."
While the rich colours of the Rogue R1 and R2 Wash units accentuated the dramatic punk sound of the band’s performance, the two Maverick MK2 Spot and two Rogue R3 Spot fixtures in Paul’s rig helped him endow the stage with a greater sense of depth. Drawing on the intensity and gobo capabilities of these fixtures, he peppered the stage with dramatic patterns that reflected the music.
Paul relied on four Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures with their five independently moving heads and infinite pan and tilt motions to conjure up a steady stream of new looks throughout the concert. “The FX-Bs were a late addition to my rig, but they worked wonders in terms of adding variety to a show,” he said.
"For me as a lighting designer, the challenge was to ensure that the same visual punch could be delivered in each venue, which was somewhat of a challenge in some of the smaller venues with their small stages," continued Paul
Crucial for any punk rockers is the band’s logo backdrop. To illuminate his client’s cyclorama, complete with its Alex Mofa Gang motif, Paul used eight COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 fixtures. Thanks to the wide-angle wash effect of the six individually controllable quad coloured RGBA LEDs, he was able to bathe the backdrop with saturated colours for additional visual variations.
(Jim Evans)

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