Danley reinforces Land O’ Lakes campus
Wednesday, 19 February 2020
gracechurchlandolakes1Grace Family Church’s new Land O’ Lakes campus
USA - Now celebrating its 26th year, Grace Family Church started with just 80 people in a former ‘jazzercise’ storefront next to a bar in Tampa, Florida. It has subsequently grown to over 12,000 members.
To accommodate so many members, Grace Family Church operates satellite campuses. Its sixth campus opened in Land O’ Lakes, a suburb of Tampa, and AVL firm All Pro Integrated Systems helped design and install the AVL system. Since many of the decision-makers at Grace Family Church had never heard a Danley Sound Labs system, All Pro arranged for a demo that proved persuasive.
The system includes Danley’s patented point-source Synergy Horn loudspeaker technology, its patented Tapped Horn subwoofer technology, and seven Danley multi-channel amplifiers with built-in DSP and pre-sets for every Danley loudspeaker and subwoofer. Perhaps in the spirit of its origins, the Land O’ Lakes campus is built into a former big box store, but instead of just 80, it can accommodate 1,000 people.
“The church involved us early on, which gave us the opportunity to make suggestions for exactly how they would position the new interior walls to optimize the acoustics,” explains Mark Salamone, veteran engineer and sales manager at All Pro Integrated Systems. “They also started thinking about loudspeaker and subwoofer selections early on. They have entirely different systems in their various satellite locations. Although a handful of folks involved in the decision making had heard a Danley system before, most hadn’t. Given their need for high output, musicality, and intelligibility, we felt Danley was the right choice. However, before they were willing to commit, they sensibly asked for a demo.”
Chris Bencsik of Bencsik Associates, the area Danley rep, brought a pair of Danley SH96 loudspeakers and a Danley TH118 subwoofer to A/B against the system that everyone involved was used to in Grace Family Church’s main sanctuary. “Everyone was walking around, impressed by the clarity of the Danley system against their usual system,” Salamone says.
“Much more so than other sound reinforcement loudspeakers, Danleys are very accurate and detailed. They sound more like studio monitors than sound reinforcement boxes. When we put on the Eagles, I pointed out how you could hear around the guitar strings with the Danleys. You could hear inside the music. You could hear the details of the production.
Grace Family Church’s new Land O’ Lakes campus has a left-centre-right system driven by three Danley SH96s for mains and six Danley SH-Micros for front-fill. Four Danley TH118 subwoofers deliver abundant bass for the church’s high-energy services, and four Danley SH69 loudspeakers serve as delays. Seven Danley DNA Series four- and eight-channel amplifiers power the system: four DNA 20k4 Pros, two DNA 10k4 Pros, and one DNA 3k8.
(Jim Evans)

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