Genelec serves up gourmet audio in Lisbon
Wednesday, 26 February 2020
genelecJNcQUOI Asia continues the trend for high-fashion gastronomy in Lisbon
Portugal - Recently opened, JNcQUOI Asia continues the trend for high-fashion gastronomy in Lisbon set by the original JNcQUOI in 2017. Like its original counterpart, JNcQUOI Asia is defined by grand scale, design, multiple spaces, and a Genelec sound system designed and installed by Garrett Audiovisuais.
With the capacity to accommodate over 300 people, JNcQUOI Asia is not just about the food. It’s a place where people come to see and to be seen, either in the bar, the restaurant, the sushi bar or the outside terrace and garden. Garrett supplied a zoned audio solution throughout with full control via strategically placed wall panels or a mobile phone app.
The first space is the bar; capable of hosting live bands as well as a DJ, it comprises three separate zones: the DJ area which utilises a pair of Genelec G Fives and a pair of 5041 in-wall subwoofers behind the DJ booth; the main bar area which is equipped with six 4030 and six of the larger 4040 installation loudspeakers plus three 5041 subwoofers hidden in columns; and finally the toilets where Garrett installed four AIC25 in-ceiling speakers.
“We spent a long time getting loudspeaker placement absolutely right for optimum results, and then we finetuned the system with the loudspeakers’ own on-board room response controls plus EQ and delay via a matrix,” recounts Garrett’s sales director, Raul Fernandes, who also notes that there is an output to each speaker enabling every speaker to be controlled individually for maximum precision. “When the system was commissioned, we turned the music up pretty loud and I invited the owner to come and stand in the middle of the room with me. We could still carry on a conversation - I told him that this is why we use Genelec.”
For the restaurant area, Garrett opted for a total of 14 4040s. The biggest issue here was the acoustics, as the outside wall is mostly glass and there is a huge glass atrium overhead that houses a rather magnificent dragon. “As there was no room for subs in the restaurant, the larger 4040s gave us the extended bass response we required whilst still remaining aesthetically-pleasing.
“The most challenging aspect was managing the very reflective environment. Fortunately, Genelec products excel in that respect, and once again we were able to calibrate the system very precisely for optimum results - in other words, intelligible, clean audio at levels where diners can still hold a conversation at normal, comfortable levels.”
(Jim Evans)

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