CLF Lighting introduces Odin
Wednesday, 26 February 2020
clf-odinperspectiveThe Odin combines LED technology, light quality and a sturdy outdoor housing
Europe - CLF Lighting has launched the Odin outdoor LED luminaire to the market.
Designed for high-demanding applications, it comes with an optical system that provides even light and colour projection; a fast and accurate zoom function that ranges from 11° to 50°; and an IP65-rating that makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.
The RGB+Lime LED engine generates a rich colour set, from vivid and saturated colours to subtle pastels. Adding lime fills the gaps between red, green, blue and enhances the colour spectrum of the fixture. It also adds beautiful white tones to the feature set. High performance LEDs deliver high CRI and R9 values.
Packed in a signature CLF housing, the Odin combines convection cooling with an ultra-quiet intelligent fan. The fixture can be aimed easily by using the one button test function. The fixture can also be configured for exhibition applications by using the definable user modes.

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