The Music Box chooses T Series
Thursday, 27 February 2020
powersoftThe T604 features input via Dante, AES3 and analogue
Australia - Turnkey event specialist The Music Box has purchased six of Powersoft’s T604 amplifier platforms; the latest addition to its road-tested line of touring products.
Patrick Withers, national account & operations manager / production manager for The Music Box, comments: “These are the first Powersoft products we have actually purchased, although we have worked on events where they had been provided by other suppliers and event partners. We have always had a good idea of their product lines, all of which came with great reviews from our industry friends.”
The original recommendation came from CX’s Jimmy Den Ouden, who works with The Music Box on events as an audio engineer. Withers says: “Basically, he was sick of pushing our extremely heavy amp racks around! We’re constantly talking about good replacements for the old amp stock and he highly recommend the T604 amps. Trusting his expertise, we gave them a crack and as soon as we fired up the PA we were sold. It really was night and day with the old gear.”
As well as boasting exceptional audio quality and light weight, the T604 features input via Dante, AES3 and analogue. The Dante and AES3 solutions are optimised for daisy-chained distribution of two-channel audio for distribution to many amplifiers without the need for external switches, repeaters or splitters.
“We now have standard amp racks and single amp sleeves with custom patch panels that allow us to use the one amplifier model for our entire PA inventory,” explains Withers. “They have been flying out of the door since we bought them.”
The Music Box recently deployed all six amps on a 1,000 PAX charity event, which featured three stages along a 300m wharf and 15 stacks of distributed PA.
Withers concludes: “It was for one of our major clients, and because they happen to be a record company, they have very high expectations for audio quality and coverage. The T604’s gave us the ability to control and monitor the entire system from one laptop at FOH. We also ran AES to all amps with analogue back up in place, though all of the amps performed perfectly.”
(Jim Evans)

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