Hippotizer performs for superstar Sonu Nigam
Thursday, 27 February 2020
hippotizerSonu Nigam at Dubai's World Trade Centre Arena
UAE - For a recent concert performance by Indian singer, composer, actor and all-round megastar, Sonu Nigam, event production specialist Lightech AV turned again to their go-to media server solution from Green Hippo to drive the high-definition screen visuals. The show, designed in collaboration between Lightech AV and Nigam’s own team, was staged at Dubai’s World Trade Centre Arena in January.
Lightech AV’s head of video Yevgeniy Karyagin chose to use two Hippotizer Boreal+ media servers as his main and backup systems. Each had a Lightware 16x16 Matrix Switcher with 4K DP Datapath capture card. “For this production, 4K input was very important,” he says.
Working in conjunction with Sonu Nigam’s visual specialist and VJ, Arveen Sabharwal, Yevgeniy used the Hippotizer Boreal+ to feed a mix of custom graphics and live Imag footage, triggered from a MIDI controller, to the five large, portrait-format LED screens that formed a striking backdrop to the stage.
An experienced practitioner who has mastered his toolkit, Yevgeniy took the whole project in his stride. “There were no real challenges for us on this show,” he says, “because Hippotizer media servers give us so many possibilities and features that help us to quickly solve any difficulties that may arise - with picture mapping, or with the signal distribution, for example. Also, the efficiency and stability of Hippotizer machines gives you that extra confidence at show time. Thanks to the developers!”
(Jim Evans)

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