Multi-Media invests in Absen panels
Thursday, 27 February 2020
multi-media-absen-3The Absen Polaris panels in Multi-Media’s warehouse
South Africa - Multi-Media AV has recently taken delivery of 480 Absen Polaris 2.9mm LED panels, increasing the company’s inhouse LED inventory up to 220m2 (880 panels) of 2.9mm LED screen. The purchase is the largest single order of Absen’s Polaris LED series that local distributor, DWR Distribution has delivered on to date.
“We have had Absen’s now discontinued D2V series LED screens in our inventory for a number of years and have been very impressed with the quality and performance of the units,” says Chris de Lancey, director of innovation at Multi-Media. “When looking ahead at bookings for the month of March, we realised that we would need to hire in an enormous amount of LED panels to meet demand. After analysing the cost of renting versus purchasing additional gear, we decided that it would be a good business decision to increase our inhouse LED offering, as there is no indication of demand for LED slowing in the future.”
Chris goes on to state that the demand for LED screens is on the increase in South Africa, largely because clients have come to rely on the enormous advantages that LED screens offer over alternatives such as projection. “While projection technology is still very popular in Europe, the South African market has embraced the creativity and flexibility that modular LED displays bring to the table,” says Chris. “When using a LED panel, you are not restricted to darkened indoor venues or standardised aspect ratios to display your content.”
“We look forward to deploying our new Absen Polaris LED screens at a range of high-profile events across the country in the months and years to come, and are confident that the quality that Absen offers together with DWR’s exceptional service and support will result in many successful years’ with our new inventory,” he concludes.
(Jim Evans)

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